Mike Chapman - Science

Fully qualified Science teacher (all three sciences) with QTS


University of Sheffield: BSc (Dual Hons) Biochemistry and Genetics

University of Warwick: PGCE in Science (Chemistry specialism) with QTS

DBS checked
Qualifications on file



I am a fully-qualified, highly-experienced Science teacher with over thirteen years of experience teaching Science to Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. During this time, I have tutored a wide variety of students through in-person sessions.

I also have significant experience as an online tutor. Over the last three years, my high impact sessions have not only benefited my tutees but also led to my services being requested by several tuition companies.

Through these experiences, I have developed a sophisticated online setup, allowing me to utilise a wide range of multimedia resources to best adapt the tutorial experience for each tutee’s individual needs.

My education philosophy revolves around clarity, both of thought and of expression. For a student to succeed, they first have to understand ideas clearly. This requires precision in both instruction and questioning. It is then essential that a student has the skills to communicate these ideas clearly. This necessitates significant modelling in how to achieve this, followed by feedback on how to improve. I am highly proficient in all of these regards.

In 2019, the quality and clarity of my instruction and online provision caused me to be head-hunted by a major online learning platform to produce on-demand Science content for them.


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  • GCSE/ IGCSE (Years 9,10 & 11)
  • KS3 (Years 7 & 8)
  • National 5 (S4)
  • S1 - S3 (Scottish Secondary)

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