Dr. Maxi Goossens - Maths, Science and German

Highly qualified Maths & Science tutor with a PhD in Physics and Astronomy


University of Southampton: PhD in Physics and Astronomy.

Royal Holloway University of London: BSc in Physics.

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I am a professional private tutor with a PhD in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Southampton. I offer Maths and Physics tuition up to degree level and Chemistry and Biology up to A-level. I am also able to offer German tuition due to being a native speaker.

I am an experienced online tutor in Maths and Science. Recent examples include preparation support for Astronomy and Maths competitions, tutoring for GCSE and A-Level Maths and Science, home schooling Science lessons in year 4 and 5 as well as extracurricular project support e.g in Mechanical Engineering.

I have a passion for Science and completed A-Levels in Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology at a school in Benfleet, Essex. I then went on to study Physics at Royal Holloway, University of London and graduated with a BSc.

With a specific interest in Astronomy I then commenced to study for a PhD in the subject at the University of Southampton with a Mayflower scholarship. This meant that 25% of my time there had to be spent teaching.

Consequently, over the years I acted as a demonstrator helping students with their problem sheets ranging from first to fourth year Physics, was an academic tutor for a small group of tutees, marked exams and presentations, helped with the student labs and was in charge of an online Maths module. I tailor my sessions to each student’s individual learning style and their relevant exam board.

I use zoom and a collaborative whiteboard with a writing board and pen to go over concepts, ideas and calculations. I also have a visualiser to show Science experiments and book pages amongst other things.

I find it very rewarding to see students reach their full potential and I take pride in being part of that. I think Maths and Science are fun and strive to make my students realise that too.


  • I acted as a teaching assistant for a wide range of courses ranging from laboratories to problem classes to online maths modules from first to fourth year physics.
  • I was often the head demonstrator, leading a team of other demonstrators. I assessed students and provided constructive feedback on experiments and various assignments, improving student learning development. I marked/graded students’ problem sheets, exams and presentations.
  • I provided academic advice and support to students both individually and in groups. I invigilated exams. I provided academic support as well as pastoral care to a small group of students. In addition to holding weekly meetings I answered email messages and telephone calls to provide quick assistance. I supported students with subject knowledge as well as general abilities in learning, studying and retaining information.
  • I communicated with lecturers to provide the students with help in key areas and determined if there was need for supplemental support on my part. I assessed the varying needs of the students, proactively accommodating a range of learning requirements.
  • I provided support to foreign students academically as well as emotionally to support their transition to a UK university. I acted as an academic referee for my tutees. I find it reаlly rewаrding tо see а student reаch their gоаls аnd tаke pride in inspiring аnd cоntributing tо their аchievements.

I аspire tо deliver success fоr аll оf my students.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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