Dr Romisa Asadi - A-level Biology

Qualified A-level Biology & Science Teacher with QTS


Cardiff University: PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology

University of Oxford: PGCE in Secondary Science (Biology) with QTS

Swansea University: BSc in Medical Genetics

DBS checked
Qualifications on file



I am a private tutor specialised in Biology at A-level, and Physics, Chemistry and Biology at GCSE. I am a Qualified Secondary School Science teacher and I taught Science in several Oxfordshire Secondary Schools for three years and also ran the after-school Science Club in those schools.

I would like to encourage my students to comprehend the underlying principles rather than just learning by heart facts. I am also an International trainer for Public Health England. I studies BSc in Medical Genetics to understand more about rare genetic disorder which is running in my family.

To learn more about molecular genetics and also to help protecting environment, I did a PhD in Using Genetic technology to control pest insect population. I spent 10 years in Biotechnology industry and travelled to Morocco to help them with insect pest population.

I have transitioned between two quite different careers and I can build relationships and empathise with students and colleagues from all backgrounds. I love art: I paint and read about art in my spare time, and I travel frequently. I became a private tutor in 2010. I enjoyed teaching and training young minds, so I decided to become a Secondary school teacher.

In 2018 I changed career into teaching and completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education course at Oxford University. My goals were to improve my educational communication skills, creativity, confidence and conflict resolution skills.

During my training, I was selected to teach in Him Jyoti Boarding School in India. I advised and assisted the school Head Teacher on developing a new science curriculum to make it more interactive and up to date.

I am a qualified microbilogist trainer and I am specilised in creating elearning and online learning contents.


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